unikabeton - topology optimized concrete structures
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2002), as well as the international conference ‘Engineering a New Architecture’, 1998. He has lectured at Schools of architecture in Scandinavia, architectural firms and consulting engineers on the art and history of engineering.
Per Dombernowsky has published
several articles and papers at international conferences on computer based structural design and structural engineering. In association with the Danish Center of Integrated Design (1999-2002), he has conducted research in computer based shape- and topology
optimization,resulting in the publication ‘Optimeringsmanual’, 2003.
Using digital analysis tools, he has investigated selected reinforced concrete shells of the Danish modernism during the research project ‘Structures in Danish modernism – an analysis of reinforced
Per Dombernowsky holds a master of science in civil engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. In 1964-69 he was employed in consulting engineering companies in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and since 1967 he was employed at Aarhus School of v vdf <<back F next >>.