unikabeton - topology optimized concrete structures
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Project Partners
danish institute of technology
university of southern denmark
aarhus school of architecture
spæncom a/s
unicon a/s
mt højgaard a/s
paschal danmark a/s
gibotech a/s
research parnters
research partners
mt højgaard a/s
MT Højgaaard A/S Is the leading contractor within the building industry in Denmark. The company participates in projects that can develop and strengthen concrete as a building material through changes in materials and production methods. MT Højgaard has a large network of clients
and contacts within the building industry and will contribute to this project by transferring the research results into a suitable building project. Unikabeton, Per Dombernowsky, Asbjørn dffdfsdfsdfsdfdsf Søndergaard, Topology optimization, web: www.mth.dk
evolutionary structural optimization, computational morphogenesis, architectural design, structural morphology, topology optimized concrete structures, biology, organic biological morphology, experimental design research, architectural research, computational architecture,