unikabeton - topology optimized concrete structures
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topology optimized concrete slab
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shell lattice structure
corner supported slab
prestressed beam
prestressed optimized slab
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example 3: corner supported slab
The casestudy comprised a prestressed, corner supported concrete slab, measuring 9 x 6 x 0.4 meter. The topology emerging from the optimization process is characterized by accentuate curvatures near the supporting columns, which are again inked by a crossing formation in the
lmiddle of the slab. Tthough found through a strictly structurally based procedure, the emerged shape appears with an almost ornamental character. Compared to a massive equivalent, this structures saves 70 % of the material needed, while respecting the same structural
demands. Cement production for the concrete industry accounts for 5% of the total, global emission of C02. A cutdown in material usage entails a proportional reduction in emission of C02 created by the use of concrete.